Assault RC 24" 2s Power Leads with High Current 5mm/4mm Step Pins 2s Balance Lead with XT60 Charger Connector (X6/X8)

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These Assault RC Power Leads are top of the line highly conductive charging leads made to charge your performance batteries at high or low amps.  These Power Leads are covered in a sheen red protective nylon wrap end capped with heavy duty Assault RC screen printed Shrink tube holding the leads together.  The Charger end comes with a 2s balance connector and a high current XT60 male to plug into specific chargers ie: Junsi X6, X8 and more.  The Battery end is outfitted with a 3 pin balance connector and high current 5mm to 4mm step pin connectors for inboard bullet 2s batteries.  These leads can be used on both 7.4v and 7.6v LiPo and Silicone Graphene Battery types.