Assault RC Aluminum Multi Use Shock Shaft Pliers (Black)

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The Assault RC Shock Shaft Pliers are good mulit uses while building or maintaining you RC Shocks.  With the aluminum construction you can use directly on the shock bodies and shafts and have your best chance at not scaring or damaging your equipment.  This tool works on a variety of sizes of shocks and comes with a pin to remove and or install shock eyelet balls.  It is a must for your tool box.


  • Lightweight Billet Aluminum Construction
  • High Quality Material That Lasts
  • Black Anodized Coating With Laser Etched Logo
  • Ergonomical Design for Direct Pressure Feel
  • Compatible with Most 1/10 and 1/8 Scale Shocks
  • Integrated Shock End Ball Install & Removal Pin
  • Captures Shock Shafts and Shock Bodies