Assault RC JQ Racing 4mm Carbon Fiber Ackerman Plate with Ball Bearings

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This a 4mm Carbon Fiber light weight Ackerman plate for the JQ Racing Black Edition Nitro Buggy and eCar as well as the White edition and Grey Edition cars.  This upgrade is designed to replace the standard aluminum part with a direct fit. This  upgrade is to prevent build up of play in the steering on both the Black Edition and the Grey Edition. 

Installation tip: When screwing the screws into the plastic, we would recommend you screw until you feel the assembly tighten up then back off to ensure there is no friction, but not so much that there is excess play in the assembly.

What's Included:
1 - 4mm Carbon Fiber Ackerman Plate
4 - 3x6x2.5 Flanged Bearings